HPC Newsletter: 10.1.23

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To kick off the month of October, HPC hosted twelve Margarita League players to showcase their polo skills on Farish Field. Margarita League teams, Lewis Jewelers and Engel & Völkers Houston battled it out as Lewis Jewelers came out on top with a 3 to 1 victory. The Margarita League was followed by 12 Goal teams, Eureka and Propaganda in what turned out to be a keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of game!



Eureka’s Jorge Cernadas (black jersey) riding Duena, takes a bump from Propaganda’s Juanse Olivera and Curvita


Propaganda got off to a slow start in the first half with Martin Ravina being the sole scorer on the team by converting two open goal penalties. Eureka came out on fire in the first three chukkers. Teammates Nick Cifuni and Jorge Cernadas scored 4 goals between them in the first two chukkers, followed by 2 goals from team captain Santi Zubiaurre in the third chukker to end the half with Eureka leading 6 to 2.



Eureka’s Nick Cifuni keeps his eye on the ball while riding Nikita


During halftime, spectators were welcomed onto the field to stomp divots, enjoy complimentary champagne and soak in the good weather on a Sunday afternoon. After the field was put back into pristine condition, it was time for the teams to continue the second half of the game.



Eureka’s Jorge Cernadas and Duena battle through Propaganda defenders, Fran Mera and Martin Ravina

Propaganda must have talked over some different strategy during halftime, as Ravina connected a 130 yard pass to teammate Fran Mera to score the first goal of the half. Eureka’s Zubiaurre responded with back to back penalty conversions holding on to his team’s comfortable lead. Propaganda’s Mera scored his second goal of the game to end the fourth chukker trailing 4 to 8. Propaganda turned on their defense in the fifth chukker, holding Eureka scoreless while Ravina added his third goal of the day through the goal posts to end the chukker trailing 5 to 8. Propaganda was starting to play more confidently on the field as Mera and Juanse Olivera scored two goals at the start of the sixth chukker to make the score 7 to 8. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the mid chukker passed on the clock. Eureka’s Zubiaurre scored his fifth goal to keep a two goal lead, making the Propaganda fans hold their breath! Propaganda’s Mera scored his fourth goal of the game with less than two minutes on the clock to bring his team back within one goal of the lead. As the last bowl-in commenced mid field, Ravina gained ownership of the ball with one minute left, he connected with a long pass to his teammates, but it landed too far left and Eureka defenders picked it up and the clocked ticked down, as Eureka came away with a one goal win of 9 to 8!



Winning team: Erueka
Grace Mudra, Nick Cifuni, Jorge Cernadas, Santi Zubiaurre
pictured with Charlotte Cifuni, presented by Cindy and Slade Lewis with Lewis Jewelers


MVP: Nick Cifuni,
pictured with Charlotte Cifuni,
presented by Cindy and Slade Lewis with Lewis Jewelers

BPP: Cloud, played by Paul Hobby,
pictured with Brooks Ballard and Alex Chavez with Engel & Völkers Houston and Taylor Shell






Rising to the top two spots of an 11 team tournament, BTA and La Portola faced off in the final of the 2023 6 Goal USPA Governor’s Cup. In the first chukker, both teams were trying to find their rhythm, as BTA committed the first foul of the game, allowing La Portola’s team captain Ignacio Saenz to convert the first open goal penalty. As the chukker played out,  BTA’s Joao Aranha converted two open goal penalties of his own, and teammate Jimmy Seward added his first goal of the game to end the chukker with BTA leading 3 to 1. La Portola changed their strategy in the second chukker, as they held the BTA team scoreless, while Saenz scored back to back goals on his Best Playing Pony Rubia, followed by a goal from Will Mudra. Following Mudra’s goal, the horn blew for halftime and the teams took a short break before the start of the second half.



La Portola’s Ignacio Saenz turns the ball on Cancion

BTA’s Aranha capitalized on the first bowl-in of the second half, running the ball from mid-field to tie the game. Feeding off his teammate’s momentum, Seward scored back to back goals to reclaim a two goal lead. As BTA was looking for their fourth goal of the chukker, La Portola caught BTA flat footed and Martin Munoz connected a backshot to Saenz who scored his fourth goal of the game from his 180 yard run down field! Aranha was able to respond before the chukker was over with one more goal from the field to return his team to a two goal lead of 7 to 5. Saenz was first to score in the fourth and final chukker, bringing his team within one, but BTA’s Aranha was able to capitalize on broken plays and scored back to back to goals to have a 9 to 6 score with less than two minutes remaining. Saenz didn’t give up as he scored his sixth goal of the game, but the clock ran out of time and BTA came away with the first 6 Goal tournament win of the season!



BTA’s Joao Aranha and Blue Point make a run down the field

Winning team: BTA
KC Krueger, Uma Villanueva, Joao Aranha, Jimmy Seward
(not pictured: Chrys Beal)


MVP: Joao Aranha,
pictured with Carty Krueger, and Ava Seward

BPP: Rubia, played by Ignacio Saenz,
pictured with Cristian Gomez





Winner’s Circle



2 Goal: Autumn Classic

Winning team: American National

Jesse Weaver, Liz Lary, Clayton Whittet, Marshall White

Margarita League had an exciting Sunday. Teams Lewis Jewelers and Engel & Völkers Houston showed off their skills in front of a big crowd on the Farish field.
Lewis Jewelers (3) def Engel & Völkers Houston (1)


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