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The last 12 Goal Sunday of the Spring 2023 Houston Polo Club Season was an exciting game between BTA and Old Pueblo. BTA ,handicapped at 13 goals, gave the 12 Goal Old Pueblo team 1 goal on the scoreboard to begin the game.

BTA’s Mason Wroe hits a strong nearside shot on Bridget

Old Pueblo’s captain and the highest rated player on the team, Jeff Hall, was quick to add on to his team’s lead as he scored immediately out of the throw-in in the first chukker. BTA’s Steve Krueger responded with a phenomenal penalty of his own, as he worked to close the gap. However, Old Pueblo teammates Hall and Sterling Giannico scored a goal a piece to end the chukker leading 4 to 1. BTA regrouped for the second chukker, as their offensive number 1 player, Whistle Uys, scored back to back goals to bring BTA within 1 goal of the lead. Old Pueblo was awarded another penalty shot, which Giannico converted with ease. As the chukker came to an end, BTA’s Wroe was able to put BTA’s fourth goal on the board to end the chukker trailing 4 to 5. BTA found a better team rhythm in the third chukker, as Krueger scored three goals to Giannico’s one, earning BTA’s first lead of the game ending the first half 7 to 6.

Old Pueblo’s Jeff Hall (red jersey) wins the ride off on Sobrina against BTA’s Steve Krueger on Armani

As the umpires’ whistles sounded, halftime commenced. Spectators combed the field enjoying complimentary champagne, good weather and the tradition of stomping divots. But soon it was time to finish out the game! The horn sounded and the crowd took their seats to see what these teams had in the tank for the second half.

Old Pueblo’s Sterling Giannico takes a full swing in front of the Red Oak Lawn on Dolfina Perdida

BTA found themselves in foul trouble in the fourth chukker as Old Pueblo’s Giannico and Hall took advantage of the penalty opportunities. After Old Pueblo scored three penalty shots to retake a two goal lead, BTA kept the score close with a goal at the end of chukker to trail again 8 to 9. BTA’s Uys found his third goal of the game at the beginning of the fifth chukker to tie the score. But Giannico responded with his sixth penalty conversion of the game, followed by teammate Duilio Diaz earning his first goal of the match to reclaim their two goal lead. BTA ended the chukker with another goal from Krueger as they still trailed by one going into the sixth chukker.  Krueger tried to keep his team’s momentum rolling, converting two penalty shots to take a one goal lead in the middle of the sixth chukker. Old Pueblo’s Hall kept playing hard, gambling on some plays and finally caught BTA players flat footed as he sprinted to the goal to tie the game 12 to 12. The horn blew to end the chukker, and the game was sent into a sudden death overtime chukker to decide the winner! Old Pueblo’s Hall ended the game just like he started it, he grabbed the ball out of the throw-in and carried it from midfield to the goal just out of the defender’s reach scoring the golden goal and earning his team the overtime win!

Winning team: Old Pueblo
Sterling Giannico, Jeff Hall, Duilio Diaz, Leigh Anne Hall
presented by Tatiana Lutomski and Morgan Smith with McCathern

MVP: Sterling Giannico,
presented by Tatiana Lutomski and Morgan Smith with McCathern

BPP: Therma,
played by Jeff Hall, pictured with owner Leigh Anne Hall and groom Leo Cortes,
presented by Alex Chavez with Engel & Völkers Houston


After 5 teams battled it out in Houston’s third 12 Goal tournament of the season, Brookshire Polo Club arrived at their third final of the season against first-timer BTA. The two teams faced each other in the first game of the tournament with Brookshire coming away with the first win between the two teams.

BPC’s Milo Dorignac (orange jersey) stretches out for a run on Marimba with BTA’s Steve Krueger riding in defense on Poppy

Unfortunately, as the teams were warming up, Brookshire Polo Club’s Scott Wood suffered an injury and had to be replaced by Megan Flynn. The first chukker was a phenomenal show of defensive discipline. Brookshire Polo Club’s, Milo Dorignac scored the first goal of the game on a nice run with help from teammate Toro Ruiz, but BTA answered with back to back goals from Mason Wroe and Whistle Uys, ending the chukker 2 to 1 in BTA’s favor. The second chukker saw multiple lead changes between the teams. To start the chukker, BPC’s 7 goal player, Toro Ruiz, charged forward scoring two quick goals to reclaim BPC’s lead. BTA’s Wroe and Steve Krueger responded with a goal a piece to pull ahead once again, however BPC’s Ruiz converted two penalties to end the chukker ahead with a score of 5 to 4. Ruiz capitalized on their momentum shift after the second chukker and scored his team’s sixth goal of the game to earn a two goal lead, but BTA kept fighting, and with great teamwork from Krueger and Kelly Beal they were able to tie up the score 6 to 6 going into half time.

BPC’s Toro Ruiz runs down the field on his best playing pony Don Ercole Demi Sec

To start the second half, BTA faced foul trouble once again, as Ruiz converted two penalties to gain a 2 goal lead. BTA’s Krueger found a penalty for BTA, scoring the penalty four to trail BPC, 7 to 8.  BPC started the fifth chukker off strong, scoring quick goals out of the line up, showing another momentum swing in their favor as they extended their lead. But BTA’s Wroe worked hard, being everywhere on the field, and kept BTA close on the scoreboard with another goal to end the fifth chukker 8 to 10 with BPC still ahead.  The intensity was high as the ball was bowled in for the sixth chukker. BPC’s Ruiz kept his focus as he scored back to back goals once more, earning the largest lead of the game with a score of 12 to 8. BTA’s Krueger felt the pressure and was able to score two goals from the field and one from the penalty line, as BTA only trailed by one goal with one minute left. BTA was looking to send the match into overtime as they made their last run to goal, however Wroe’s mallet broke and BPC turned the ball around, running it to the other end of the field and scoring the last goal of the game as the horn blew with a score of 13 to 11.

Winning team: Brookshire Polo Club
Megan Flynn, Vaughn Miller Jr., Milo Dorignac, Toro Ruiz

MVP: Mason Wroe

BPP: Don Ercole Demi Sec,
owned and played by Torito Ruiz pictured with groom Luciano Fenoccio

Winners Circle

2 Goal: Sauna Cup

Winning team: WC Tractor

Liz Lary, Jesse Weaver, Ann Brewer, Eloris Snyder

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