It is never too late to begin riding or playing polo! The Polo School has hosted new players of all ages and skill levels. The trained instructors will work with each player to develop their skill set. There are polo school programs for both Juniors and Adults.

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The Spring Sessions run from April to June and the Fall Sessions are held September through November.

Students enrolling only need a helmet and riding boots to participate. Everything else is provided.

Riding Lessons

The Houston Polo Club is proud to offer an acclaimed riding and boarding program conveniently situated on 26 acres in the heart of Houston.

Group or private English and Polo riding lessons are available Tuesday through Sunday for adults and children.

Riding Lessons at HPC are a privilege of Riding Members at the club. However, for those new to HPC, they may take up to three riding lesson with the Riding Director prior to committing to a Riding Membership.

The requirements for riding lesson are simple. Students need only a boot with a small heel and a helmet to participate. The trained instructors will place students on appropriate horses according to their size and skill level.

Polo School

Founded in 1928, the Houston Polo Club is an established institution recognized for excellence in the sport of polo and equestrian pursuits. Celebrating its 86th Anniversary year, the club is Houston’s oldest sports franchise. Like Houston’s other athletic pursuits, the Houston Polo Club continues to produce top athletes in their sport. Much of the credit is owed to polo instructors Barlee Flanders and Mark Prinsloo and their successful polo school.

In both the Spring and Fall, the Houston Polo Club offers a polo school. During the eight week program, individuals who have never played polo learn everything necessary to participate in a match. Even students who have never ridden are able to participate in the program with a little prep work in riding lessons. The school also often serves as a refresher course for anyone looking to brush up on their skills. The course touches on important elements of the game including; swing technique, proper riding, and game strategy.

  • This instructional course includes:
  • Proper horsemanship
  • Game strategy
  • Swinging instructions
  • Practice in the hitting cage
  • Classroom discussion
  • Video viewing
  • Foot mallet experience

Getting Started

It is easy to get started playing polo at the Houston Polo Club!

The Student requirements:

Minimum riding experience. (Interested students with little or no riding experience can be ready for polo school with lessons from the Riding Director.)

  • Helmet
  • Boots

Everything else is provided, including horses, tack and mallets.

Those new to the sport are encouraged to visit the United States Polo Association (USPA) website for more information about the sport.