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I hereby acknowledge that the use of the Club Facilities and any privilege or service incident is undertaken withknowledge of risk of possible injury. I hereby accept any and all risk of injury to myself, my guests sustained while usingthe Club Facilities or while involved in any event or activity incident at the Club. I hereby waive against Houston PoloClub, its affiliates, successors or assigns, and their respective partners, directors, officers, shareholders, employees,agents and representatives, and advisory members of the Board of Directors of the Club (collectively, the "Club Parties"),and shall indemnify, defend and hold the Club Parties harmless from and against, all losses, costs, expenses (includingreasonable legal fees and expenses), claims, injuries, damages or liabilities of any kind or nature (collectively,"Damages") directly or indirectly arising out of, caused by, in connection with, related to, or resulting from (in whole orin part) any use of the Club Facilities by me or my spouse, children, guests, invitees, or anyone else on or using the ClubFacilities at my invitation, or at the invitation of my spouse or any of my children, or, if I am an entity, my affiliates, andtheir respective partners, members, managers, directors, officers, shareholders, employees, agents and representatives.THE FOREGOING INDEMNITY OBLIGATION SHALL APPLY TO DAMAGES EVEN IF SUCH DAMAGES ARE CAUSEDIN WHOLE OR IN PART BY THE SOLE, JOINT OR CONCURRENT ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE, FAULT OR STRICTLIABILITY OF ANY CLUB PARTY, WHETHER OR NOT SUCH SOLE OR CONCURRENT ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE,FAULT, OR STRICT LIABILITY IS ACTIVE OR PASSIVE. IN THE CASE A MATCH IS STOPPED IN PLAY DUE TO WEATHER OR A MATCH IS CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER,NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. WE DO OUR BEST TO OFFER WEEKDAY MATCHES TO MAKE UP FOR ANY POLOMATCHES THAT MAY BE CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER. SCHEDULES AND WEATHER PERMITTING.
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