HPC Newsletter: 6.9.24

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It is always a bitter sweet Sunday when it’s the last day of the polo season, but we spent it the best way possible, with two games to end our Junior Tournament weekend with the National Youth Tournament Series Qualifier Subsidiary Finals and Finals.



Bill Fick Ford’s JB Long takes a neck shot with Flying Irons’ Tomas Tejera on his hip

The subsidiary final game kicked off the afternoon of polo between the Sunday sponsor BIll Fick Ford team versus the team in orange, Flying Irons. Bill Fick Ford jumped out to an early 3 to 1 lead in the first chukker thanks to two goals from team captain JB Long and another from Jade Hiltbrand, but Flying Irons momentarily tied the score 3 to 3 in the second chukker. Bill Fick Ford’s Long found his third goal of the game, breaking the tie and taking the lead by goal going into the second half of the game. Bill Fick Ford’s offensive weapon, Isabelle Muncey scored to give her team a two goal lead, however Flying Irons’ Jordan Fikes carried the ball down the field to keep her team within 1 goal of the lead. The fourth chukker started and it could be anyone’s game! Flying Irons’ Tomas Tejera tied the game with a deep neck shot off of his best playing pony Silver, but Bill Fick Ford’s Long answered back to keep a lead. Flying Iron’s Fikes struck again, with her third goal of the game to tie the score once more, but as the clock wound down, Bill Fick Ford’s Long added his fifth goal of the game in the last 30 seconds to win the game 7 to 6!



Vintage Polo’s Judah Altic leads the pack with Island Time Polo’s Faris Hanna in pursuit

As teams, Bill Fick Ford and Flying Irons shook hands and walked off the field, spectators took advantage of the break and stretched their legs to enjoy the halftime divot stomp! Soon the second game horn blew and the crowd returned to their seats, awaiting the final game of the 2024 Spring polo season!
Island Time Polo challenged the 2023 winner, Vintage Polo in the final of the 2024 NYTS Qualifier at the Houston Polo Club. Island Time Polo wasted no time and took advantage of Vintage Polo’s foul trouble and jumped to a 2 to 1 lead in the first chukker. Island Time Polo’s Uma Villanueva stretched her team’s lead to 3 to 1, but Vintage Polo’s Josie Goldstein put her first goal in for the day to keep her team trailing by 1 closing out the second chukker. Vintage Polo regrouped after half time, and put a new strategy in place as Joe Bob Lequerica and Goldstein scored back to back goals to take the lead 4 to 3 going into the fourth and final chukker. Vintage Polo’s Joe Bob Lequerica got on his best playing pony, Harley, and proceeded to score 3 unanswered goals giving his team a comfortable 7 to 3 lead. Vintage Polo’s Hayden Baisch ended the game with the last goal of the season, solidifying Vintage Polo’s NYTS Qualifier win with the score of 8 to 3



Winning team: Vintage Polo
Hayden Baisch, Josie Goldstein, Judah Altic, Joe Bob Lequerica
presented by Steven Armour, Chrys Beal, Paul Jornayvaz and Mark Prinsloo


Subsidiary final winners: Bill Fick Ford
Marcus Murphy, JB Long, Jade Hiltbrand, Isabelle Muncey
presented by Steven Armour, Chrys Beal, Paul Jornayvaz, Mark Prinsloo

Subsidiary final BPP: Silver, owned and played by Tomas Tejera,
presented by Chrys Beal and pictured with Carlos Cumes and Mauricio

NYTS final BPPHarley, played by Joe Bob Lequerica owned by Vintage Polo,
presented by Chrys Beal and pictured with Josie Day and Emi Silvestre







Jordan Fikes, Faris Hanna, Joe Bob Lequerica, Lily Lequerica, JB Long, Tomas Tejera, Uma Villanueva,
presented by Paul Jornayvaz, Steven Armour, Chrys Beal, and Mark Prinsloo





Winning team: C-Bar Thoroughbreds
Ripley Middleton, Christine Agrons, Bradie Kimbrough

MVP: Ripley Middleton

BPP: Tangled, played by Ripley Middleton,
pictured with father, Bryan Middleton









Winning team: QR Jets
Gus Orthwein, Gael Munoz, Santos Villanueva

MVP: Santos ‘Poroto’ Villanueva

BPP: Applejacks, played by Shirley Krueger,
pictured with mother, KC Krueger








Winning team: Forthebirds Farms

Traveller’s Rest:
Annadora Orthwein, Olivia Wroe

C-Bar Thoroughbreds:
Rex Middleton, Russell Melnar

Forthebirds Farms:
Landon Melnar, Levi Torres


Winner’s Cirlce




6 Goal: 2023 Penny Cup

(final played 5.28.2024)




Winning team: Pegasus
Mason Wroe, Joe Bob Lequerica, Lily Lequerica, David Andras

MVP: Mason Wroe, pictured with John Tasdemir

BPP: Boomerang, played and owned by Joe Bob Lequerica,
pictured with Josie Day and Emi Silvestre



Special thank you to our 2024 sponsors!