HPC Newsletter: 5.26.24

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Sunday Polo was back in full force as 12 Goal teams, La Elina and Brookshire Polo Club faced off in their second final of the season, presented by The Macallan!



La Elina’s team captain, Pipe Marquez carries the ball on W

Brookshire Polo Club wasted no time to set the tone of the game, scoring two quick goals, but La Elina’s team captain Pipe Marquez closed the chukker out with his first goal of the game to trail 1 to 2. Brookshire Polo Club’s Toro Ruiz, holding a 7 goal handicap, turned on the goal scoring switch, as he scored 4 unanswered goals to end the second chukker with a strong 6 to 1 lead. La Elina’s defense came alive in the third chukker, holding Brookshire Polo Club scoreless throughout the period. Marquez scored his second goal of the game to go into the half time break trailing 2 to 6.



Brookshire Polo Club’s Tommy Alberdi (blue) on Serena, keeps the ball out of reach of La Elina’s Jack Kiely (filling in for Toto Obregon) in front of the Red Oak Lawn crowd

As teams rode off to their tents to prepare for the second half of the match, the Sunday crowd stretched their legs on Farish field, stomping divots and sipping complimentary champagne from American National. The new F150 Ford Lightning was on display along with the Shoppa’s John Deere tractor for spectators to enjoy.
La Elina took advantage of their half time break and started the second half with a stronger fourth chukker scoring 3 back to back goals. As La. Elina closed in on Brookshire Polo Club’s one goal lead, Ruiz scored his sixth goal to end the chukker leading 7 to 5. In the fabulous fifth chukker, Brookshire Polo Club kept the offensive pressure on as they added three goals on to their lead, but La Elina stayed in the game scoring two goals of their own to trail 7 to 10 going into the sixth chukker.  La Elina kept fighting throughout the final chukker, scoring two unanswered goals, but the clock ticked down and the final horn blew and Brookshire Polo Club came away with the 10 to 9 win!



Winning team: Brookshire Polo Club
Tommy Alberdi, Quinn Evans, Toro Ruiz, Scott Wood
presented by Halle Garrus & Juliana Hernandez from The Macallan


MVP: Joao Aranha,
presented by Halle Garrus & Juliana Hernandez from The Macallan

BPP for a Professional: Tres Montes Tarma, owned and played by Toro Ruiz
pictured with grooms, 
Luciano Fenocchio, Jorge Rusi and Carlos Ramirez,
presented by Anchal Bhatia, owner of the Sydenham Clinic

BPP for an Amateur: Memphis, owned and played by Bobby Gerry,
presented by Anchal Bhatia, owner of the Sydenham Clinic




6 Goal USPA Master’s Cup



Pegasus’ David Andras (purple) takes the ball down the field while Mother Chukker Polo/Schiffer Hicks Johnson LLC’s Robert Orthwein rides in defense on Montana

Rising up from an 11 team tournament, Pegasus and Mother Chukker Polo/Schiffer Hicks Johnson LLC claimed undefeated records as they faced each other in the final of the 2024 6 Goal  USPA Master’s Cup!  As the final game kicked off Mother Chukker Polo/Schiffer Hicks Johnson LLC found themselves in foul trouble as Pegasus’ Joe Bob Lequerica converted two open goal penalties to end the chukker up 2 to 0.  Pegasus’ team captain, Mason Wroe, kept his team organized and focused throughout the second chukker as they scored 4 unanswered goals to go into half time leading 6 to 0.



Pegasus’ Mason Wroe (purple) on Catwalk tried to avoid the hook from while Mother Chukker Polo/Schiffer Hicks Johnson LLC’s Ignacio Deltour on Billetera

Mother Chukker Polo/Schiffer Hicks Johnson LLC’s Ignacio Deltour broke the ice for his team, scoring the first goal of the second half, but Pegasus capitalized on another penalty opportunity along with two more goals from the field to end the third chukker with a comfortable  9 to 1 lead.  To start the fourth chukker, MVP Joe Bob Lequerica scored his third goal of the game, but Mother Chukker Polo/Schiffer Hicks Johnson LLC had a response with 4 back to back goals to try to get themselves back into the game!  As the clock ticked down in the final chukker, Mother Chukker Polo/Schiffer Hicks Johnson LLC ran out of time, and Pegasus took home the win and the $2500 purse with the final score of 10 to 5!



Winning team: Pegasus
David Andras with Wren, Mason Wroe with Olivia, Joe Bob Lequerica, Lily Lequerica


MVP: Joe Bob Lequerica



BPP: Boomerang, played and owned by Joe Bob Lequerica,
pictured with Josie Day and Emi Silvestre



Winners Circle



6 Goal: Derecho Challenge

Winning team: San Pedro Ranch/Sullivan Group

Nicolai Galindo, Nick Cifuni, Joanie Jackson, Fox Benton
(not pictured: Joe Fitzsimons)

Pro Am: Brazos Bender

Winning team: Cinco Canyon Ranch

Eloris Snyder, Judah Altic, Marcos Villanueva, Bryan Middleton

Pro Am: Patriots Cup

Winning team: ML Bar Ranch/ T Squared Energy

Joe Wayne Barry, Nicolai Galindo, Fox Benton, Julie Tooth

2 Goal: Derecho Cup

Winning team: Ron Zacapa

Matt Thake, Tammy Beeson, Joe Holzer, Cliff Vrielink


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