HPC Newsletter: 4.7.24

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Opening Sunday at the Houston Polo Club did not disappoint as our first spring season crowd watched three teams play off in the finals of the Spring Cup presented by the Hotel Granduca!



Horsegate/Propaganda’s Matt Thake watches his neck shot on Batgirl go down the field


Since there were three teams, each team played a two chukker game against another. The first two chukker game kicked off between 3L Energy Solutions/Roxstars vs Horsegate/Propaganda. 3L Energy Solutions/Roxtars’ Bryan Middleton scored the first goal of the spring season, but was quickly answered by the Horsegate/Propaganda’s Anson Moore. As the second chukker began, Horsegate/Propaganda’s Matt Thake scored to give his team a momentary half goal lead, but back to back goals from 3L Energy Solutions/Roxtars’ Middleton and Nick Dunbar put the pressure on Horsegate/Propaganda. Thake needed 2 goals to be able to offset 3L Energy Solutions/Roxtars’ lead, but he ran out of time as he scored his second goal of the match, as 3L Energy Solutions/Roxtars (1,0) took the first win of the day with the score of 3.5 to 3.



CW Petroleum/Team Tejas’s Chad Bowman (green) makes an offensive run on Amber, while 3L Energy Solutions/Roxstars’ Bryan Middleton goes for the hook

Horsegate/Propaganda (0,1) now faced CW Petroleum/Team Tejas (0,0) in the second game knowing they had to win this game to have a chance to be the ultimate winner. The teams traded goals in the third chukker, and at the beginning of the fourth chukker, CW Petroleum/Team Tejas’ Marcos Villanueva converted a defended penalty 4 through the new Douglas Elliman goal posts to claim a 2 to 1.5 lead. Horsegate/Propaganda caught CW Petroleum/Team Tejas in foul trouble and Thake converted 2 penalty shots to earn his Horsegate/Propaganda team a win with the score of 3.5 to 2 to give them a (1,1) record.
After the fourth chukker, the crowd enjoyed the halftime champagne divot stomp presented by American National. Both sides of the field spilled out as spectators enjoyed a break in the game, sipping complimentary champagne and getting a look at the new Bill Fick Ford Lightning F150 on display! As halftime came to an end, the last 2 chukker game of the day began between CW Petroleum/Team Tejas (0,1) and 3L Energy Solutions/Roxtars (1,0).



3L Energy Solutions/Roxstars’ Shane Rice follows through on an away back shot on Lemmy

CW Petroleum/Team Tejas came out hungry for a win as they climbed to a 1 to .5 lead after the fifth chukker, then scored early in the sixth chukker to sit at a 2 to .5  lead. 3L Energy Solutions/Roxtars’ Middleton snuck a goal through the CW Petroleum/Team Tejas defenders to come within half a goal of the lead. But CW Petroleum/Team Tejas’ Chad Bowman put the final goal on the board to give his team the win of 3 to 1.5.  Ultimately each team won 1 game and lost 1 game, so after a series of very intellectual math problems, the Horsegate/Propaganda team took home the first place win due to net goals.



Winning team: Horsegate/ Propaganda
Matt Thake, Paul Hobby, Sloan Stefanakis, Anson Moore
presented by Matthew Vesley with Hotel Granduca Houston


MVP: Sloan Stefanakis,
presented by Matthew Vesley with Hotel Granduca Houston



BPP: Zunda, played by Bryan Middleton,
pictured with grooms Juan Baez and Margarita Martinez, presented by the Bhatia family with the Sydenham Clinic




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