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2023 Houston Women’s Polo Championship

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Five different levels of women’s polo took over the Houston Polo Club during the week of November 14th through the 19th! The Houston Women’s Polo Championship came to an end with the feature game of the week in the final of the US Open Women’s Handicap between 20 goal teams, Lugano Diamonds and QR Jets!



QR Jets’ Madison Jordan (orange) keeps her eye on the ball while riding Sapucay with Lugano Diamonds’ Dayelle Fargey in pursuit on Poncita

The U.S. Open Women’s Handicap featured four teams, each team competed in two qualifying games to determine finalists based on record. On Saturday, November 18, the second day of match play, Lugano Diamonds defeated 2022 finalists BCI/Alliant to hold matching 1-1 records as they eagerly awaited the results of the final contest in group play. Defending champion QR Jets narrowly bested Propaganda to remain undefeated, securing their spot in Sunday’s final, while Lugano Diamonds advanced due to their status having bested BCI/Alliant despite equal records.
Lugano Diamonds discussed an alternate offensive strategy for the final having faced QR Jets in their first matchup, losing by three goals. “We made it through the goal posts! The first game we had so many missed opportunities to shoot at goal, and I think [in group play] yesterday we got our confidence up offensively,” remarked Hudspeth. “We are a very offensive team and once we started just shooting to goal with authority, it gave us more confidence.”



Lugano Diamonds’ Audry Persano leads the pack down the field on Silver Bullet as QR Jets’ Sarah Wiseman reaches for the hook on Fancy

The victors also strategized their string lineups. “Our horses were incredible,” stated Hudspeth. Fargey recommended the foursome start the match on their best mounts. “She [Fargey] told us to come out on our best horses and bring them back. I played my two best mares in the first and second half. I think that’s really what made it happen for us.” Veteran competitor Fargey served as the team’s captain and set the tone Sunday. “Starting out strong was the key for sure,” commented Fargey. “We kept our composure, stuck to the game plan and trusted each other. We knew that if we worked hard and were disciplined that it would come back around in our favor.”
Jordan, the newest addition to the QR Jets roster, was first on the scoreboard in the final, but Fargey was close behind for Lugano Diamonds before the end of the opening chukker. Hudspeth posted her first goal of the game early in the second, as did Krueger. The diamond divas shifted back on the attack and responded with two of their own. Jordan picked up one more point just before halftime. QR Jets was able to tie it up in the third with another goal from Jordan, keeping their opponents scoreless. The gemstones rallied in the fourth with back-to-back goals from Fargey and Hudspeth for a two-point lead. As the clock counted down, QR Jets attempted a comeback with a final goal from Krueger, but ultimately witnessed Lugano Diamonds ride away with the 6-5 win.
Written by the United States Polo Association




Winning team: Lugano Diamonds
Audry Persano, Tiamo Hudspeth, Dayelle Fargey, Kendall Plank
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets, Denise Lynne from Lugano Diamonds and Kristin Vago from Diageo

MVP: Madison Jordan,
pictured with Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets and Kristin Vago from DiageoBPP for a Professional: Moxie, played by Tiamo Hudspeth, owned by San Ysidro,
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets, pictured with Austin and Bradie Kimbrough and grooms Emily Christensen, Jenny Rutherford, Rylie Rutherford

BPP for an Amateur: Rubia, played by Madison Jordan, owned by Ignacio Saenz,
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets and Kristin Vago from Diageo





2023 USPA Women’s Challenge

The 12 goal 2023 USPA Women’s Challenge hosted by the Houston Polo Club fielded 8 teams in a competitive 3-day tournament. On Saturday November 18, the final played out between American National (11 goals) and Bearsden (12 goals). The American National team struck first with a goal from Karson Bizzell to give her team a 1.5 to 0 lead after the first chukker. As the defensive battle of the second chukker unfolded, American National committed a penalty 1, giving Bearsden an automatic goal. The score stood with American National leading 1.5 to 1 as the teams took a quick half time break before the last two chukkers of the final.



American Nationals’ Audry Persano hits a nearside on Dream while Bearsden’s Stephanie Colburn (black jersey) goes to the ride-off on Gunsmoke

During the third chukker, Bearsden player Josie Dorsey had to sit out the rest of the game due to an injured foot, and was replaced by Round Top Vineyard’s player, Brinkley Erb. As Bearsden regrouped during the chukker, American National held them scoreless and team captain Audry Persano took control of the game finding her first goal to increase her team’s lead 2.5 to 1. As the fourth chukker kicked off, Persano scored again, giving her team a comfortable 3.5 to 1 lead early in the chukker. Bearsden was not ready to back down, and the team started finding their rhythm as Erb scored back to back goals as a result of impeccable teamwork from her new teammates. Bearsden pushed hard in the last minute to score one more goal to win the game, but American National stood their defensive ground until the final horn blew giving them the 3.5 to 3 win!



Bearsden’s Carol Farnsworth on Payaso reaches out for the hook on American Nationals’ Karson Bizzell on Sparky


Winning team: American National
Audry Persano, Tiffany Orthwein, Karson Bizzell, Winnie Branscum
pictured with sponsors Shannon Galvin and Ashely Aguilar from American National, presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets

MVP: Audry Persano,
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR JetsBPP for a Professional: Silver Bullet, played by Audry Persano
pictured with owner Chino Payan, and presented by Brooks Ballard from Engel & Völkers Houston

BPP for an Amateur: Pandora, played by Tiffany Orthwein, 
pictured with Ian Kosky, and presented by Todd Riemenschneider representing Grand Craft




2023 Farish Cup Invitational

Winning Team: Downtown Rotary Club
Sarah Daniel, Carolyn Stimmel, Holly Vu-Fulkerson, Christina Cantu
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets, pictured with Rick Slemaker and Downtown Rotary Club

MVP: Carolyn Stimmel,
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets

BPP: Greta Van Fleet, owned and played by Elise Markell
pictured with Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets





2023 Bayou City Cup Invitational

Winning Team: Ron Zacapa
Lisa Dueck, Crystal Cassidy, Teran Smith
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets

MVP: Cindy Case,
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets
BPP: Dragon, played by Carolyn Stimmel, owned by Paige Luplow,
pictured with Will Flanders, presented by Dana Dailey with Danalyn Designs





2023 Junior Invitational

Winning Team: J. Talasek Homes
Ripley Middleton, Keaton Wolf, Carolyn Stimmel
presented by Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets, Jessica Bennett from J. Talasek Homes, and Kristin Vago from Diageo

MVP: Ripley Middleton,
presented by Alex Chavez from Engel & Völkers Houston,
pictured with Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets and Kristin Vago from Diageo
BPP: Little Bit, played by Ava Seward,
presented by Brooks Ballard and Alex Chavez from Engel & Völkers Houston,
pictured with Todd Riemenschneider from QR Jets, Kristin Vago from Diageo, Tate and Jimmy Seward




Special thanks again to our 2023 sponsors!