HPC Newsletter: 10.29.23

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After an incredible 12 Goal season at the Houston Polo Club, the last final was held on Sunday between BTA and Old Pueblo, two teams that had not faced each other all season!



Old Pueblo’s Cody Ellis (green jersey) on Buckwheat, reaches for a hook BTA’s Joao Aranha on Poppy


To kick off the USPA Centennial Cup presented by American National, BTA broke the ice in the first chukker with a goal from 5 goal player Steve Krueger, however he was quickly answered with a penalty two conversion from Old Pueblo’s Cody Ellis. BTA’s Joao Aranha snuck in a goal to break the tie at the end of the chukker to put his team back in the lead 2 to 1. Both teams found themselves in foul trouble during the second chukker as BTA converted three penalty shots to Old Pueblo’s one as BTA held on to their lead of 5 to 2 going into the third chukker. BTA’s Krueger scored his third penalty of the day at the beginning of the third chukker, but Old Pueblo’s 6 goal player Jeff Hall responded quickly with a goal of his own. As the chukker came to an end, BTA managed to score once more from the field ending the first half leading 7 to 3.



Old Pueblo’s Duilio Diaz hits an away back shot on Larry during the USPA Centennial Cup Final

The annual Halloween candy drop took over halftime as kids in costumes lined the boards before they were let loose by Officer Grohman’s whistle!! The kids filled their candy bags and the adults enjoyed complimentary champagne, fun was had by all!  As spectators found their way back to their seats, it was time to continue the last three chukkers.



BTA’s Mason Wroe (white jersey) swings for the nearside backshot on Pearl with Cody Ellis in defense

BTA’s Mason Wroe was first to score in the second half with a booming shot from over 100 yards away. But Old Pueblo started to find their rhythm catching BTA in foul trouble as they scored two unanswered goals to start gaining on BTA’s 8 to 5 lead. At the start of the fifth chukker, BTA’s Krueger converted a penalty 4, however Old Pueblo kept capitalizing on BTA’s foul trouble, adding 3 goals through the posts before the chukker ended, to trail by one. Old Pueblo started to feel the change in the momentum as Cody Ellis scored his fifth goal of the day tying the game! It was anybody’s game at this point, and BTA dug in their spurs as they finally answered with a goal to regain a 1 point lead. BTA pushed again to get the ball on their offensive side of the field and Krueger was able to score his sixth goal of the game to give his team a two point lead and a sigh of relief. As the chukker ticked down, Old Pueblo’s offensive player Leigh Anne Hall played until the horn sounded, with the last goal of the game with BTA winning 11 to 10.



Winning team: BTA
Mason Wroe, Steve Krueger, Joao Aranha, KC Krueger
presented by Shannon Galvin and Ashley Aguilar with American National
pictured with Shirley and Carty Krueger


MVP: Cody Ellis,
presented by Shannon Galvin and Ashley Aguilar with American National



BPP: Therma, played by Jeff Hall,
owned by Leigh Anne Hall,
presented by Alex Chavez with Engel & Völkers Houston and pictured with grooms Ramon and Danny





Winner’s Circle



2 Goal: Bayou City Cup

Winning team: J. Talasek Homes

Christine Agrons, Jose Lezcano, John Brittain, Liz Lary
​(not pictured: Martha Hirsch)

ProAm: Harvest Cup

Winning team: Cat Spring

Billy Mudra, Hernan Tejera, Ray Stainback, Katie Graham
(Not pictured: Tomas Tejera)


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