HPC Newsletter: 10.15.23

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Sunday’s feature game of the week between 12 Goal teams, Propaganda and Eureka, was also a playoff game for the Texas Open to decide which team would advance to the semifinals!

Eureka’s Alvaro Ara (white jersey) reaches out on Flauta with Propaganda’s Martin Ravina in pursuit

Eureka got an early lead on the board with goals from Jorge Cernadas and Tomy Alberdi. Propaganda’s straight shooter, Martin Ravina, converted an open goal penalty to keep his team from a first chukker shutout, ending the chukker trailing 1 to 2. Propaganda’s 5 goal player, Fran Mera, took the game into his own hands scoring two unanswered goals in the second chukker, to give his team the first lead of the game.  Eureka’s Alberdi tied the game during the third chukker as he converted a penalty two of his own, however Propaganda’s offensive player Nick Cifuni ran his first goal of the day through the posts, giving his team the 4 to 3 lead as the teams took their halftime break.

Propaganda’s Fran Mera riding Bongui controls the ball in the middle of the field

As the players rode off the field, spectators took advantage of the break in the game to walk onto the field and stomp divots. Complimentary champagne was served and the crowd enjoyed the cool weather and opportunities to take photos near the iconic Farish Field scoreboard. The halftime horn sounded and it was time to kick off the second half of the game!

Propaganda’s Fran Mera and Fatiga try to keep out of reach of Eureka’s Jorge Cernadas riding Ignacia

During the fourth chukker, Propaganda’s Mera picked up where his teammate, Cifuni, left off in the first half by scoring his team’s fifth goal, now giving Propaganda a two goal lead. Mera continued his offensive push in the fifth chukker scoring and increasing his team’s lead now 6 to 3, until Eureka’s Alberdi was able to sneak past defenders putting in his third goal of the game with his team trailing 4 to 6. Propaganda’s Cifuni struck again at the beginning of the sixth chukker, giving his team a comfortable 3 goal lead.  Eureka did not give up, as their team bumped, hooked and scored 2 more goals to get within 1 goal of the lead, but unfortunately the clock ran out of time and Propaganda took home the playoff game win!

Winning team: Propaganda
Nick Cifuni, Fran Mera, Martin Ravina, Paul Hobby
presented by Brooks Ballard with Engel & Völkers Houston, pictured with Fran Jr and Gael Munoz

MVP: Fran Mera,
pictured with Fran Jr,
presented by Brooks Ballard with Engel & Völkers HoustonBPP: Felina, played by Fran Mera,
presented by Brooks Ballard and Alex Chavez with Engel & Völkers Houston,
pictured with Gael Munoz, Fran Jr, Emilia Mera, and grooms Gabriel Bracamonte & Clara Andrade


For the second tournament in the 12 Goal league, BTA faced Eureka in the final of the 2023 USPA Keleen & Carlton Beal Cup. Each team reached the final game after winning both games in bracket play, so the stage was set for a great final game!

BTA’s Steve Krueger stretches out for the hit on Larry

Both teams found themselves on the penalty line in the first chukker, as Eureka’s Santi Zubiaurre converted his first penalty 4 to be the first score of the day. BTA’s Cody Ellis and Steve Krueger responded with a goal a piece to end the chukker with BTA leading 2 to 1. Eureka tied the score after trading goals with Ellis, but BTA teammates Joao Aranha and Ellis added two more goals to give their team a 5 to 3 lead. Ellis scored his fourth goal of the game in the third chukker as BTA held Eureka scoreless to make the first half score 6 to 3 in favor of BTA.

Eureka’s Rene Campos keeps his eye on the ball while riding Gayta

After halftime, BTA came out hot in the fourth chukker, scoring two more goals to give them a 5 goal lead. Eureka’s Nick Cifuni was able to keep his team in the game as he snuck a goal between the posts to end the chukker trailing 4 to 8. In the fifth and sixth chukkers, Eureka showed more patience and strategy as they held BTA scoreless in the last two chukkers. Eureka’s Zubiaurre made his penalty shots count as he converted two defended penalty fours to bring his team within two goals of the lead. But unfortunately for Eureka, the clock ticked down and BTA came away as the winners of the 2023 USPA Beal Cup.

Winning team: BTA
Cody Ellis, Steve Krueger, KC Krueger, Joao Aranha
presented by Kelly and Chrys Beal, pictured with Carty and Shirley Krueger

MVP: Cody Ellis,
pictured with Chrys Beal and Carty KruegerBPP: Angostura, played by Santi Zubiaurre,
owned by Nacho Badiola, pictured with Carty Krueger and groom Luci

Winner’s Circle

ProAm: 2023 Fall Fandango

Winning team: Bearsden

Joe Wayne Barry, Audry Persano, Debbie Shelton, Carol Farnsworth

2 Goal: Fall Fandango

Winning team: QR Jets

Martha Hirsch, Lucy Bailey, Ann Brewer, Mark Prinsloo

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